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Miyama Japanese restaurant in the City Reviews

Miyama in the City Japanese restaurant reviews

I have travelled to Japan on 3 occasions.... so I know Japanese food pretty well.
In my humble opinion this is probably the best sushi outside Japan - the atmosphere is fantastic at the little sushi bar.... fish is always fresh and staff very friendly. I have eaten here about 10 times now and it is consistently good. If you want an authentic Japanese sushi experience with fresh ingredients and nice sake this is the place...


The head chef has been here since the very beginning, which might explain Miyama’s reputation & the consistent excellence of its sushi. A convivial atmosphere prevails at the sushi bar, where Japanese salarymen & their London counterparts put away eel, razor clam & sea bass nigiri or dig into bento boxes of prawn tempura & sashimi.

Waitresses are dressed in Kimono (traditional Japanese dress), are very friendly and attentive, and ensure that you receive the top level service that can be expected from a high quality restaurant such as Miyama. The restaurant provides you with a guide as to what wine or Japanese drink is best to accompany your sushi. There is also a takeaway and delivery service within the local area.

Here an exciting menu lists a huge range of dishes from every corner of Japan. The chef has the uncanny ability to source the freshest seafood and even has certain slightly more uncommon items. The teriyaki dishes are highly recommended and the sushi is delicious. Accompanying the fresh food is a long list of Japanese drinks such as Sake and original Japanese cocktails. If this is not enough for a cultural evening, the green-tea Mousse or Coffee Zenzai makes a deliciously different dessert.